2015 John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. Ornament

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The 2015 White House Christmas Ornament honors President Calvin Coolidge, who served as the 13th president of the Unites States from 1923 - 1929 . This beautiful ornament celebrates the Coolidge presidency. It is a 24k gold, brass and nickel plated ornament that has an internal light. It's proudly made in America, and represents the first National Christmas tree that started a tradition. The ornament has 14 ornaments representing all things Coolidge, from campaign buttons to his trademark cowboy hat. The ornament comes in a beautiful gift box and included a booklet on President Coolidge.

The 2015 Official White House Christmas Ornament honors the administration of President Calvin Coolidge, which initiated a Christmas tradition that has continued to this very day. On Christmas Eve 1923, the Coolidge's participated in a series of celebrations. At 5:05pm the President pressed the button that illuminated the 3,000 light bulbs on the first National Community Christmas Tree on the Ellipse. With a fanfare of trumpets, this symbol of the spirit of Christmas was converted into a national emblem signifying that the celebration of Christmas had begun.

His first Christmas in Office, President Coolidge gave no speech at the ceremony. The program included a choir from the Epiphany Church accompanied by a quartette from the Marine Band, which led the crowd of thousands in singing Christmas Carols. At 7pm the full band performed a holiday concert. At 9pm, 65 members of the First Congregational Church filed out of the White House singing the first of many Christmas Carols. A reporter for the Washington Post said, "So the nation, so the world, welcomed the advent of the 1923 Christmas."

* Important: The 2015 Official White House Ornament features a double sided Christmas tree with ornaments hanging from it representing many facets of our 30th president. The ornament is illuminated from the inside with a small light with a battery life of 100 hours. No replacement light is available. The ornament, alone, serves as a beautiful decoration on your holiday tree and can be enjoyed for years to come, along with your other White House ornaments.

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  • Dimensions: 1" x 2"
  • Made In: United States
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